Do you have a story to share about:

Accessible transportation: When it might have been difficult for you to access or when you had a great experience you would like to see more of?

Plain Language: Have you had a circumstance in your life where you needed to understand something but it was written in a way that was confusing? Or maybe you have a  success story about have easy access to plain language translations?

Still hear THAT Word?: Do you have a story of still hearing the R-Word?

Do you just have a story you want to share that you think would be interesting for other self advocates to read?! We are seeking stories from self advocates about things that matter to YOU.

CONTACT US! WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR AND SHARE YOUR STORIES IN OUR UPCOMING FALL NEWSLETTER. Submissions will be accepted until the end of August. Need help putting your thoughts into a story? We can help with that too!

Please email to SHARE YOUR STORIES.