January 2010

After coming up with seven ideas for different possible workshops, plus a showing of the “Freedom Tour” film, People First members each cast three “dot” votes to show which ideas for workshops were most popular.

One of the things that we’re excited about is our upcoming AGM and Workshop Day in June.   At the AGM regional officers will be elected and we hope to renew our membership lists for each region.  

During the morning of our January 2010 planning day the steering committee talked together about our visions for what B.C. People First could be, it’s past, it’s future and it’s connections to regional groups, to Canada and to the history of community living in B.C..   It was a hard-working day, with Ludo leading us! 
We knew that one of the things we wanted to do was host a screening of the People First Canada film, “The Freedom Tour,” so that was a given.   Other topics that came out of our morning conversations were “how to find and keep advisors,” “What’s the future of people first?,” “How do we ensure that young people with disabilities today are supported appropriately?,” “How Do We Tell Our Stories?,” “Inclusion: how to be sure we’re counted and involved?”
As you can see “The Future of People First” and “How To Find and Keep Advisors” were the two most popular of the seven  topics and got the most dots!   Stay tuned for more details on workshops that will look at these topics as we invite the province to join us in Vancouver this June!  

I don’t think B.C. People First has ever had a blog before, but I remember how excited Arnold and Marvin were when we worked together with Gary (Advisor for Vancouver People First) to create their first webpage.  

That was more than ten years ago, and it’s probably time for a change…  and change is in the air.   In the capable hands of the steering committee made up of Ludo Van Pelt (Acting President), David and Lorie Sherritt, Gerry and … , assisted by Alberta People First President Harold Barnes and Alberta Advisor Jim, we met today to finalise some of the planning for the next year (or three).    Here are some photos from our planning meeting:

Sue Scott is a Provincial Advisor (Parlimentarian), as is Aaron Johannes.   Meaghan Feduck has been contracted to support the group.

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